Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies

Special treatments to melt away stress, so you may be your best you.

Our head-to-toe signature deep sleep massage uses carefully applied pressure to induce a state of relaxation, leaving you prepared for a sound night’s sleep. Melt away the stress of life and relieve muscular tension with this integrative massage session for the full body with focus work on chronic tension areas leaving you deeply relaxed.

50 minute treatment ~ $169

80 minute treatment ~ $259

This stimulating massage encourages circulation and relieves muscle soreness and stiff joints, while energizing the senses. It targets deep-seated tension within the body with a personalized combination of massage techniques to ease stiff muscles, stimulate circulation and restore flexibility. This treatment is highly recommended before and after sporting activities.

50 minute treatment ~ $179

In the Japanese tradition of the Shinrin-Yoku (literally Forest Air Bathing) practice, this full-body, Swedish-style massage includes a scalp massage and cleansing of the air with Tree of Life mist. A blend of native forest essential oils, sandalwood and frankincense encourage breath work and grounding while stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. A hot towel compress allows the oils to quickly assimilate into the body and protect the respiratory system.

50 minute treatment ~ $179

An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension. Specialized massage techniques are combined with essential oils known for their beneficial effects on the circulation. Black pepper, rosemary and ginger warm the muscles and help disperse the build-up of lactic acid that causes stiffness and pain. Calming lavender soothes and is anti-inflammatory. This deeply restorative treatment is specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles.

50 minute treatment ~ $189

80 minute treatment ~ $279

Give yourself a moment to appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Choose from a selection of three oils, each safely formulated for Mothers-to-be. Your service will end with a relaxing scalp and facial massage that will complement this head-to-toe treatment. A deeply restorative treatment designed for moms-to-be helps improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue. (Not recommended for women in their first trimester.)

50 minute treatment ~ $179


This enhancement may be added to any massage therapy.  Relax the body and calm the mind with the perfect blend of tranquility and pain relief. Our CBD treatment begins with a luxurious massage that incorporates our CBD oil, Birch and Arnica, followed by our full spectrum CBD cream which is applied to reduce inflammation for longer-lasting effects. Improve sleep, reduce stress, and soothe sore muscles.

When our meridians are balanced, maximum vitality and health are experienced. The specific points of the body are stimulated to balance the entire system using Himalayan Salt stones and heat to create a truly memorable experience.

Combine the healing anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD as well as the balancing vitality of our Himalayan Salt Stones to create the perfect addition to any massage.

Let the therapist know if any areas need special attention. Don’t hesitate to express your preferences – music volume, massage pressure, bed temperature – this is your time to nourish and renew.

Couples Massages are available during the online booking process by selecting: Book for two or more people


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